Biennial Summer Conference

The Biennial Summer Conference is a platform for presentations pertaining to news, research and current events in the Great Basin.

2017: Climate Change in the Great Basin

Join us June 14, 2017 at the Bristlecone Convention Center in Ely, Nevada. The theme of this year’s conference is Climate Change in the Great Basin. We are very excited about the outstanding group of presenters we have confirmed to date. Some of the presenters and their topics include:

  1. Dr. Robin Tausch, Scientist Emeritus RMRS – Packrat Middens and Climate Change
  2. Dr. Franco Biondi, UNR – A Great Basin Ecological Observatory for Studying Climate-Tree Growth Relationships
  3. Dr. Beth Ledger, UNR – Plant size as a result of warming climates
  4. Jennifer Wilkening, USFWS – Examining relationships among plants, pikas, and climate change in the Great Basin
  5. Dominic Gentilcore ,UNLV – Creosote and blackbrush are response to shifting climatic envelopes and new disturbance regimes

Download a Pre-Registration Packet here.

Download a conference agenda here.

Annual Winter Weed Conference

Dedicated to preventing the introduction and spread of invasive weeds in the state of Nevada, ENLC has hosted the Winter Weed Conference annually since 2005 as a platform to distribute information about battling weeds in an arid environment with limited resources. During the event, attendees are able to hear the latest information about noxious and invasive vegetation from a panel of experts. The conference additionally provides interested individuals with the opportunity to take the pesticide applicator’s test and allows previously licensed applicators to gain recertification continuing education units (CEUs).
Learn more about the Winter Weed Conference and access upcoming agenda, pre-registration and sponsorship materials.