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Membership with ENLC means more than getting a new sticker every year in the mail (though we hope you get as excited about new ENLC swag as we do). As a small 501(c) nonprofit organization, your 100% tax-deductible membership dues help us reach our goals for education, advocacy, partnerships and on-the-ground projects.

To become a member, download and complete our membership form and mail it to the listed address. We appreciate your support of and dedication to our mission.

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Your sponsorship helps ensure our conferences can affordably bring together leading researchers, land managers, business owners, conservationists, community leaders, and interested citizens for important updates and conversations about restoration efforts in the Great Basin.

Your support as a sponsor is essential to making these events happen and to contributing to our mission of continuing education in the Great Basin. In return for your tax-deductible donation, your business will be recognized both at our event and online, allowing you to reach more than 150 anticipated attendees, as well as thousands of others via ENLC’s website and newsletter.

Partner With Us

ENLC strives to act as a conduit between the public and private sectors to promote the exchange of information, ideas and healthy action for the benefit of ecosystems in the West.

We maintain partnerships at the federal, state and county levels, all of which are bolstered by the support and expertise of broad base of ordinary citizens. We work with land management agencies, wildlife agencies, local planning and economic development interests, ranchers and farmers, renewable energy groups, environmental and conservation groups, tribal governments and various private parties. Click here to check out a list of our partnerships or contact us to discuss how a partnership between ENLC and your organization can benefit the West for generations to come.


Barbed wire removal volunteers, 2009

Whether you help inspire young people to become environmental stewards at our annual Kids Workshop or dedicate a day to the landscape at a Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) weed-pulling event, your action makes a difference!

If you would like to volunteer with ENLC, contact us and we’ll see where your skills intersect with our needs. Volunteers are graciously reminded that we are a small organization and may not be able to take advantage of your skills and services right away, especially if your contribution requires a significant time or financial commitment on our end. Thank you for your desire to support our efforts!